Swag is for Boys, Class is for Men


Unless you took Latin in high school or college you most likely have no idea what the hell a polymath is.

If you wanted a perfect definition of it, Webster‘s dictionary would give you, “a person of encyclopedic learning”.  But in all honesty, that sounds like a bookworm.  A more descriptive definition is that of a Renaissance Man.

When you think of the renaissance man, you probably think of the men you learned about in your high school history class. The men in the ancient civilizations of great learning and influence.

Not only were they leaders in science, but also in art, sculpture, music, poetry, war strategy, etc.  They were what you might call a “jack of all trades”.  Some of these might seem a little outdated for our time, but the idea is still there.  Renaissance men are still very valuable today, but so few men actually qualify as or are striving to be such men.

That’s where this blog and the Renaissance Man Idea comes in.

If you would like to learn to communicate more clearly and articulately, improve your relationships with friends and loved ones, begin eating healthy and exercising, or if there is something you’ve never tried before but would like to, you can find it all here.

Think of it as continuing education for your life.

There are reasons that men like the late Presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, and well as men such as Sean Connery, James Bond, Neal Caffrey, and Don Draper are so highly respected.  They were brilliant in their fields, but also men of great knowledge and class.

As men, we have the ability to become this as well.  But somewhere we’ve lost sight of it.  If we not only live to work, but live to LIVE, then our lives will be much more fun, exciting, and fulfilling.

What man doesn’t want to be regarded a gentleman like the renaissance man? And what person doesn’t want to know and be friends with him?

So, are you the gentleman, or are you the friend?